How to solve problem “Server error [-3200] from SW1: unable to create generic ethernet NIO” in GNS3

Hey guys, I am back hahaha :D. In this momment i will share to you about something thatย  was make me so confused. Ok, lets move on to the article tutorial hahah ๐Ÿ˜€

If you got a problem about use GNS3 when you connect a something device to your real device with loopback adapter and you get error message like this “Server error [-3200] from SW1: unable to create generic ethernet NIO”. It can be remove with this solution :

  1. First, you can run command prompt with Administrator mode
  2. Then, Switch your directory to GNS3 directory [my instalation directory is “C:\Program Files\GNS3>”]. So, i use cd command. [cd “C:\Program Files\GNS3>”]
  3. Run loopback-manager.cmd
  4. Choose option 4 for remove all loopback interfaces if installed
  5. Choose option 2 for install a new loopback interface
  6. Choose option 6 for quit
  7. Reboot your computer and use the newly installed loopback
  8. After that enjoy your game with GNS3 ๐Ÿ˜€

Okay, thanks for your visit my blog hahahaha

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